16 Guidelines study kit

launching later in 2017
A fabulous new way to study the 16G.
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Over the period of 30 days, the 16 Guidelines Study Kit provides an opportunity to explore this programme via a range of methodologies that include: audiovisual presentations; guided reflections; journaling; and reflective questioning. Scroll down for more information. The study kit will be available in autumn/winter 2017.

Would you like to:
    *Explore the 16G further, in your own time?
    *Find out for yourself how the 16G can benefit  you and the people you care about?
    *Turn a month of your life into something memorable and distinctive.

You can start whenever you want. The multi-media study kit will arrive by email at the beginning of each week, and take 4 to 6 hours to complete. Towards the end of the week you will receive a reminder and review material.

Although the study kit is designed for personal use, you may find it helpful and enjoyable to find a friend or colleague who can follow it alongside you.