The 16 Guidelines for Life

The 16 Guidelines for Life

16 Guidelines Resources

16 Guidelines resources are media that facilitate practice with the guidelines.

Official 16 Guidelines resources are published by The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom or its partners, while unofficial resources may be any item with a link to the guidelines or the wisdom themes, including websites, videos, poems, etc.

Some are available for download, although voluntary donations are requested and would be greatly appreciated. To make a donation via Paypal for any of these resources, or just to help fund these projects.


16 Guidelines: The Basics

16 Guidelines: The Basics is our essential 16 Guidelines 'user manual' and workbook with role models, quotes, stories, challenges and reflections for each guideline together with an overview of each of the four wisdom themes.

Ready Set Happy

Ready Set Happy is our 16 Guidelines resources pack created by Denise Flora and her son for use by children, parents and teachers. 150 pages of games, scientific experiments, poems, songs and stories.
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