Accredited Faculty Directory

Sabrina De Chirico

Country of Residence: Italy

Speciality: Leadership, Youthwork, Community, Education

Accredited to facilitate: Level 1

Languages: English, Italian, Spanish

Full Description: The main motivation of my life has always been to serve others, helping them in living in the easiest and most serene way as possible their everyday life. I also strongly believe that each person’s evolution carries them in little steps through the world toward our collective evolution. I have spent the last years investigating and working on myself, in order to understanding my patterns and dissolving the deep ties created in my childhood and previously. Every day I try to notice how everything manifests inside me and influences my life and to work on it when possible; Mindfulness, which is my life style, allows me to do it. Now I find myself more prepared and ready to serve others and to help them in facing their path. I will shortly be accredited as a holistic counsellor and thanks to the 16 Guidelines I can now start opening new doors in others lives: to new awareness and an innovative way of seeing the reality. I have worked as a member of FDCW team over the last two years (2015/2017) and have lived and breathed in this environment of Universal Education which has brought to me a wider prospective and an increased sense of connection with really inspiring UE communities all over the world. The benefits of the 16G workshops are touchable and I am so looking forward to seeing the participants’ eyes full of gratitude and trust as always happen after every workshop.