FAQ become accredited

What can I do if I would like to continue after the Level 1 but cannot attend a BoB? 

10-week BoB follow-up study programme is always the preferred next step after Level 1, due to its emphasis on building community and participating in group activities. However if a BoB is not available in your area, or there are other extenuating circumstances, there are some alternative options open to you.  Contact the 16 Guidelines Programme Manager here. 

Do I have any options if a Level 2 is not available to me locally? 

Yes. From time to time FDCW offers an online Level 2 workshop using phone and internet technology. This is generally takes the form of four 3-hour sessions spread over four weekends.

Can anyone apply to become an accredited 16G facilitator?

Yes, everyone is welcome to start on the pathway to becoming an accredited 16G Level 1 facilitator. This is an established training pathway created by FDCW which begins with attendance at a Level 1 workshop. You can view the 16 Guidelines training pathway and summary of the accreditation process here:Please note that the 16G Level 3 Facilitator Training is by FDCW invitation only. 

How long will it take to get accredited?

Accreditation as a Level 1 Facilitator can take a minimum of one year. The following documents will help you to understand what is involved and how long it may take you.

How much does the accreditation process cost? 

The cost of accreditation will vary depending on local workshop fees and your travel costs. Current two-day workshop fees range from 100 to 200 GBP depending upon many factors, including the level of the workshop. FDCW aims to make programmes accessible to everyone regardless of their circumstances, and reduced rates and scholarships are generally available for workshop attendance.

After completing the Level 3 workshop, can I say I am an accredited 16G facilitator? 

The Level 3 workshop training is an essential component of the Level 3 accreditation process. However in order to become an accredited facilitator  you will need to complete some further requirements.

Do I have to be accredited before I can share the 16 Guidelines? 

We encourage all 16G participants to complete the Level 1, BoB and Level 2 before sharing the 16 Guidelines with others in order for the participant to gain a more integrated understanding of the 16 Guidelines through daily practice and reflection as well as study.

Do I have any options if a Level 3 workshop is not available to me locally?  

Level 3 workshop training is an essential requirement of the accreditation process to become a 16G Level 1 Facilitator.Because Level 3s are offered less frequently and usually draw attendees from a wide geographic area, you may need to travel some distance to attend a Level 3. 

Can I incorporate the 16 Guidelines into my work even if I am not accredited? 

Once you have completed a Level 2 workshop, it is fine to use the 16 Guidelines informally in your work.  Plus, FDCW always appreciates and enjoys hearing how you are using the 16G in your work to be able to share your experience with others.