16 Guidelines Training Pathway

In order to be recognized as an accredited 16 Guidelines facilitator you will need to have fulfilled the requirements of the FDCW 16G Training Pathway up to the conclusion of Level 3. This training pathway emphasizes primarily study and experience as well as mentoring and community engagement.

Here you can download a one page summary of the training pathway (PDF) as illustrated below, or the full training pathway (5 pages, PDF).

It has the following parts:

  1. Level 1: Introduction to the 16 Guidelines
  2. Building on the Basics (BoB): Level 1 Follow-Up Course
  3. Level 2: Applying the 16 Guidelines for Life: Tools, Methods and Practice
  4. Level 3: 16 Guidelines Level 1 Facilitator Training

Each of these levels of the 16 Guidelines training pathway consists of:

  1. Study
  2. Practice
  3. Ongoing support and engagement
  4. Service
  5. Integration and responsibility

Finally, in order to be recognized as an Accredited 16 Guidelines Facilitator it is necessary to:

  1. Complete the full Level 3 workshop including participation in an interview with the Level 3 trainer
  2. Fulfill any recommendations from the Level 3 trainer
  3. Receive official confirmation of accreditation from the FDCW office
  4. Sign and abide by the conditions set out in the Accredited Facilitator Agreement

Click here to download the full training pathway.

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