Testimonials from 16 Guidelines participants:

“The workshop introduced great tools to get to know ourselves and to be able to help others. I particularly enjoyed the discussions in pairs and group work” - Puerto Rico

"Sensational and very inspirational. The tools are so practical and useful. I can see why people say it’s life changing.” - Australia

“Overwhelming experience, it actually changed my life. Everyone should experience this.” - South Africa

"I went to this training and it helped me to understand more deeply many characters such as forgiveness, generosity, respect and loyalty. I think the character I need to develop most is loyalty." -Child participant, Mongolia

“I initially did not know what to expect from this module but am now incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to the wisdom and knowledge brought forward in this module. It deepened my knowledge and understanding immensely and I'm sure will deepen my practice. One of the best modules so far!”- University of Toronto, Canada

“I found the course very important and interesting, useful for work and for my own family. I think my life will be different because I will try to change, to do things better, be friendly, smile positively to inspire others, and to give thanks for everything we learn every day.” -Mexico

“Thank you so much for all the exercises; I have grown so much this week. I am grateful also on behalf of my students, as these guidelines have helped me to grow as a human being.” -Italy

“[Having done a 16G workshop] I don’t feel stuck anymore; I feel more aware of the constantly changing nature of [my] relationship [with my teenage son]. Focusing on feeling gratitude for my son’s actual existence, his health and even for the tensions in our relationship has brought me a new sense of peace and acceptance.”? - UK

After reading the book Madeleine Bunting, associate editor and columnist of The Guardian newspaper, wrote:

"The challenge… is to find a way to articulate a common set of ethical guidelines on which both believer and non-believer can stand... One handbook used in schools does it brilliantly. 16 Guidelines for Life starts with such counter-cultural values as humility, patience and contentment, and concludes with service and courage. We’ve reached a sorry state that this handbook should sound so necessary, and so startlingly radical.”

Dr Michele Chaban MSW, RSW, PhD, programme convenor for the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work University of Toronto, writes:

"In our search for a neuro-ethical framework for our foundational level training, we decided upon the 16 Guidelines because it offered us a comprehensive approach to the qualities we were seeking as outcomes in our foundational training. We felt the 16G's reflected outcomes of the practice itself. In other words, the practice helped create the mind of the 16G's and the 16G's reflected a mindful practitioner from AMM-MIND. The 16G's is a form of behavioural touchstone for our community (without being dogmatic.) Clinicians, educators, corporate health and wellness can use the 16G guidelines and cards to set mindful intentions for the integration of mindfulness into the everyday."